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Our Services - We strongly believe that dedication is the key to any successful relationship between you and us. We handle your matters in the same way we handle our own. We take full ownership and accountability while handling your matters. We understand the pressures of your matters and we are fully committed to deliver results on time, while adhering to your budgets

Immigration & Refugee Matters

Immigration law is complex and ever-changing. With Mercy Dadepo Law office, obtaining Peace of Mind regarding one's immigration matter is as important as competent legal representation. Our goal is to provide Peace of Mind in knowing that;

You have an ardent advocate capable of navigating through any bureaucracy inherent in any immigration process
You would be told in detail the options, risks and benefits that may be involved in any course of action
You have done everything possible to ensure the smoothest process and best outcome
We are available to all calls within 24 business hours.
Issues such as tax and criminal questions will be handled in a comprehensive manner.

Experience with Immigration Issues

We have years of experience working in the government arena. We understand the challenges that clients face in any regulatory driven entity such as the Immigration and Citizenship Canada and The Immigration and Refugee Board. The many forms and requirements can often be intimidating to the most determined applicant. We take pride in guiding our clients through the process by carefully explaining the various laws, assisting with necessary forms, and responding to legal questions every step of the way. we are dedicated to helping clients in the following areas:

Family-Based Immigration
Employment -Based Immigration
Naturalization and Citizenship
Special Cases - immigration cases, including asylum, religious workers, victims of violence

Family Law

Our family law services range from the simple to the most contested matters. We understand that our clients are not generic and their needs vary from case to case. Different needs mean different solutions, and our fees have been structured to reflect this reality. In our experience, depending on the particular situation, individuals require one of the following three solutions:

Divorce & Separation
Premarital Agreements
Custody and Support.

Franchise/Business Closing

We are, at our core, a business law firm. What does that mean? That concept branches out into litigation and franchising. We advise business owners on the legal aspects of creating, developing and sustaining a successful business. We have decades of experience and we have represented businesses large and small, so we are capable of handling sophisticated, multi-million dollar transactions or taking the steps needed to launch a start-up from scratch. To do this well, it becomes necessary to have the ability to become fluent in the language of whatever particular industry our client operates in. Over the years, we have become skilled in doing this. We understand business dynamics and trends, how your business works and what your competitors are doing.